This is a political party made for American patriots who distrust the government. This is a party in the tradition of Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, John Brown, Abraham Lincoln and William Jennings Bryan. We take pride in America's puritan tradition and proud of our morality and our values. We oppose vice and sin. We are not ashamed of America! The Patriotic Workers Party seeks to make America a more powerful and a more secure nation. We welcome and support the American militia movement. We believe in the government of Ancient Athens, the religion of Puritan Calvinism, the military of the Swiss Militia, the society of Robespierre and Mao and a nation of Americans. This party believes in Marxism-Leninism, MediaWiki:Badtitletext, Deng Xiaopeng Theory, and the Three Represents. We are the ONLY red party outside of China that believes in the postMao economic theories that have made China a supepower and can make America even greater. ALL other Red parties denounce the reforms that have made China's GDP the fastest growing in history. NOT US! We are not a foreign party. Peking and Moscow do not control us, the common man in Hicksville, West Virginia does! We're nothing more than a egalitatarian version of the Michigan Militia. If you're a proud American who wants democracy in politics, economics, society, and religion, and thinks a militia where every family has an AK-47 in their home is the best military to WIN the war on terror, than stop on by!

uncle sam

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