The New Red Guard Party is a Golden Mongol party for self-defense against bigotry, imperialism and racism by the United States government. We operate along the traditions of the Red Guard Party of 1969.

We do not refer to ourselves as Asian because that suggests that America is a white man's nation and that we are the foreigners. That is why we call ourselves Mongol, in honor of Mongolia our homeland, Temujin who made Europe tremble, and to reclaim the term Mongoloid, which the white man gave us to suggest we were savages but which we cherish because we are the sons of Genghis Khan. In addition we do not accept the term yellow which suggests we are unclean and cowardly instead we embrace the color Gold which salutes our purity and equality to the white man.

We seek to create strength in The Mongol community and smash the stereotype of Gold weakness. We wish to support and cherish our fatherlands without being called foreigners. We wish to foster pride in our race and heritage. We demand that we be allowed to police and govern our own communities! We demand an eye for an eye when crimes against our people are committed. If our community is under siege- than we must turn our community into a Citadel that shall never fall to any army in the world!

We uphold Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Three Represents. We believe that the Gold community is under siege from both individual bigots who look down on us and by the racist government which considers us foreigners. The only right we really have is the Second Amendment and we much exercise that right!

Smash Imperialism

Red Guard Party Flag

New Red Guard Party



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