Che Guvara

Liga de Panamá[edit | edit source]

The League of Panama, seeks the unification of all Latin America which has been unnaturally divided by colonialists and imperialists. We defend the rights of Latino immigrants everywhere in the world. We continue the revolutions of Bolivar, SanMartin, Bernardo O'Higgins, Fidel Castro, Che Guvera, Allende, and Hugo Chavez. Our spiritual founder, El Libertador, The great Simon Bolivar wrote these magnificant words: "A grandiose idea, to form a single nation of the New World!" he wrote. "With the same race, the same language, the same religion, and the same customs, a government should be able to unite the separate states. And yet it is impossible, for their situations, interests, and characters are too diverse. How splendid it would be if the Isthmus of Panama could be to us what the Isthmus of Corinth was to the Greeks! May heaven grant that we hold a great congress there one day to negotiate war and peace with the other three continents also. ..."

Just as the Greeks formed the League of Corinth, so do we seek a League of Panama!

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