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Marxist Archive[edit | edit source]

Bourgeois Legality

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Maoist International[edit | edit source]

"What is your copyright and bulk email policy?"

"MIM grants explicit permission to copy all or part of our publications for any reason. Please credit the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM), P.O. Box 29670, Los Angeles, CA 90029-0670 where appropriate."

Although we support your right to bulk email anyone for any reason, including sales of Viagra pills for example, please do not do any bulk emailings for this web site. There are too many anti-communists on the web generating too many trivial complaints. Fight for your right to bulk email in some other way and we wish you luck. Thank you.

Why it's a mistake to call bulk email "spam"

See a Stalin quote on individual liberties recently reaffirmed at MIM's 2002 Congress

Marx2Mao[edit | edit source]

Access and use of this material is meant to be free. Readers are encouraged to download the texts and make them available to those without Internet access. I have "copywrited" [©] the "form" of "presentation" of this material, which may or may not have legal standing. This is done to discourage "enterprising" persons who might wish to transform this material into a "commodity" for their own private gain. In the event that there is legal standing, let such persons be forwarned that I've inserted "code" in various parts of each text for purposes of identification. Those wishing to "make a buck" off this material will have to do some work, i.e., read the text and find the code to remove it, in which case they might get an education, or strip the text of all the code and do the HTML mark-up.

RW Online[edit | edit source]

8) May I create link from my website to RW Online?

   Yes. Feel free to include our website url ( on your "links page." Many people have already done so. It is also a good idea to submit our site to major "links pages" devoted to any of the many topics Revolution covers. It is a great way to let more people know about our site. We also have icons (right below) that you can use for a clickable link on your website.
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9) May I link my website to specific Revolution articles? What about re-posting articles on my website?

     Yes.  We want the material on Revolution to be widely available on the web. Be sure to include Revolution's standard attribution blurb which is at the end of every article. Do not excerpt articles or change text.

10) Should I post articles from Revolution on Usenet bulletin boards and email discussion groups?

     Yes. We would like to see more people posting Revolution articles to usenets and mail lists.

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