The idea of communism tis that every one must be equal, free, and have a good living. It also requires that everyone must contribute to society (capitalists do so as well, for everyone does, but in a selfish, twisted sense. As to why, capitalists "contribute" to society as well, but in the end it benefits them only.) by using his or her ability to produce goods or wealth for the betterment of society. This attitude is as old as mankind but it was given a name by Karl Marx.In theory, a stateless, classless society in which the means of production is collectively owned and goods and services are freely distributed according to need as oppose to wealth or social status. It has also been incorrectly used to describe countries that are ruled by Marxist-Leninist parties. The People's Republic of China is an example of the communist ideology leading to progress. The USSR would have survived, but sadly, Mikhail Gorbachev came into power and raped the soviet union of all communist existence. If he had continued Stalins work, the USSR would most likely be around, and if had Vladmir Putin helped become Stalin's successor, things today might have been alot better then they are today.

A Communist is one who adheres the theories of Karl Marx and other communist's, such as Lenin, often supplemented by the ideas of other thinkers. Other kinds of communists are Maoist's, Stalinist's, Leninist's, Chevezist's, Fidelist's, Marxist's. Kim iL Sungist's, and others. Nepal has recently become a communist country and wants to remain that way. America is very unhappy about this, and has been raising decent, but it has changed nothing. There are also many Communist Parties in many countries like The Communist Party USA, The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, The Japanese Communist Party, and The Communist Party of Canada.

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