Mao Zedong is more than a national revolutionary. He did more than make the Chinese stand up he made the colored people of the world stand up. Zhou Enlai was the leader of the Bandung Congress. He directed the ideal of brown men everywhere uniting. Shouts Mao : "take up the brown man's burden". Millions did. Not sinced the Russo-Japanese war has the white man been so threatened. But New China is not Meiji Japan. New China's powere is dedicated not to becoming white, but to overthrowing the white order. Japan attempts to join the white world order, China demolish it.

New China's altruism is not completely unrewarded. Everywhere colored people look to New China to inspire. Bobby Seale, Huey Newton even Malcom X look to Mao Zedong. Even Web Dubois a man of a different era has nothing but praise for the greatness of the Maoist revoution. It is no accident that the Black Revolution begins only after Red China has broken the chains that hold the colored man down. With Mao breaking the chains internationally how can the black man at home stay put. Oh Mao -Colored Prometheus bringing the fire from the white Gods to the colored people of the world. Cruel white kings attempt to chain this new prometheus to a rock - Taiwan! But they fail as they must. Colored people everywhere look to Red China as a beacon and as a defender and protector of their rights.

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